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Center for Arts for Peace



The Center for Arts for Peace in Suchitoto provides a community space for reconciliation and building a cultural identity for the former war zone.  Sister of Charity Peggy O’Neill, who has lived in the area for over 20 years, is the driving force behind this effort which includes sponsoring community events, classes, and delegation visits throughout the year. 

Education Para La Paz –This is one of a number of growing programs which is offered through the Center for Arts and Peace in Suchitoto.  The Center has a goal of nurturing a “Culture of Peace” and sees education as one of the most critical agents for social change.  A specific project initiated this year is called DISCIPLINA CON AMOR (Discipline with Love) and is directed at working with teachers in a pilot program that will be adopted by the Ministry of Education and replicated in other zones of the country.  The goal of the training is to offer theory and practice in finding creative and alternative ways of disciplining children rather than resorting to violence.  Through this training teachers are learning how to better handle youth in the schools. Parent education programs are also part of the program which aids them in applying some of the same methods in the home.   The training sessions are taught by a Professor and psychologist, Margarit O’Farrill, along with an assistant.  Graduation from this program for participating teachers was scheduled to take place on September 13th of this year.


Project El Salvador is committed to financially supporting the continued growth of the Center for Arts and Peace over the next several years.  Donations are always welcome to help with this amazing center.